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Education with Ruby

To learn photography is to embark on lifelong learning 

Welcome to Education with Ruby. If you're wanting to push your photography skills to the next level, or wanting to learn more about what it takes to be a wedding and portrait photographer, you're in the right place.


 I've been running my own business since I graduated University in 2011. I studied Photography in every way possible, from GCSE to Degree level. It feels like a lifetime ago that I left education and now it feels like the right time to start sharing some of this wealth of knowledge with you.


My workshops and mentoring sessions are perfect for you whether you're a new photographer who is still learning how to use your camera or if you've been a photographer for a long time and you need a personal cheer leader to help you get your business to where you want it to be. I'm happy to share all of my tips and tricks to help you take better photographs or ensure your small business does better. 

Why go into teaching photography?

I want to share my years of knowledge with other people so that they don't have to make the mistakes I did. I wish I'd had a me, for me, 10 years ago. 


 The truth is, with photography, things change all the time so I am constantly learning, my brain is always ticking. I'm always learning and I want to share it with others. I want to be able to encourage others to be the best versions of themselves possible. I don't want to help create more photographers who's work looks like mine, I want to help you find your individual style and give you the space to flourish.


 I've taken photos at so many weddings and they've all been slightly different. It took me a while to learn that I didn't have to capture weddings the way that everyone else did, I didn't have to know every single technical bit about my camera but there were things I absolutely needed to know, equipment I couldn't live without and certain skills I needed to help me get the best photographs I could for my client.


To be honest, I quickly learned I had to be in 5 places at once to be the best wedding photographer I could be and I had to learn to be calm and collected to help a fairly stressful but wonderful day feel less stressful.


I want to be able to do this for you and your business too.


What to expect from the photography workshop.

The Photography workshop will mostly be aimed at photographers who want to enter the wedding industry. As always we aim for our workshops to be as inclusive and diverse as possible. 

Group Mentoring session

During the morning I'll be hosting a group mentoring session.This will include a short presentation on how I entered the wedding industry, how I chose my branding and how I run my business with my 'ideal client' in mind.

I will be holding a safe space for any technical or business questions.

Please bring your laptops as there will be time to go through editing techniques too. 

- A short break for lunch - 

(to keep the workshop affordable for all, we have decided not to offer lunch. please bring your own or make the most of being in the city centre and use a delivery service)


The Photoshoot : Creating a portfolio 

As a team we have created a wedding look that is unique and exciting. We have chosen an experienced beautiful model couple to help you be able to concentrate on the technicals. 

You'll have the opportunity to capture all of the wedding details; including a fully dressed wedding table, invitations and jewellery. 

We will be staging a ceremony, a confetti throw and other elements often included in a wedding day. Throughout the workshop we will be doing our best to make it look and feel like a real wedding day, so you'll leave with the beginnings of a fabulous portfolio. 

Every student will have the opportunity to try out any ideas that they may have. I will be there to support you technically in order to create these ideas. 

Who else will be at the workshop? 

The team so far....

The next workshop
april 18th, Bristol 

The next wedding photography workshop will be held at one of Bristol's most special and diverse wedding venues, "The Mount Without"


Mood boards to be released soon. 

please Register your interest for the workshop 

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