I LOVE pineapples, ever since I learned that they grew in bushes not on trees. Brunch foods, all day every day... I love cooking for my friends and family, socialising over cider, art & travel. And on the weekends I do love to get my best dress on and dance it all out.

I love singing, singing in the shower, singing in the car, singing everywhere I can. I couldn't care less what people think, it makes me HAPPY.

Despite growing up as a tomboy, I love all things pink, glittery & cute but I still don't own a pair of tights without a hole in and I can't keep fake nails on for more than two days. I've been raised as a feminist; supporting and encouraging others and being a kind, loving person is hugely important to me.

There is nothing like travelling solo around the world and meeting other humans doing their own thing.


I'm happiest surrounded by others and when I'm encouraging others to live their best lives. 

KITTIES! I have two cats called Pixie bob and Seren/ Stubbington) They don't really like each other but I love them both equally.

I'm very lucky to live fairly central in Bristol and still have the joy of owning a large garden with a beautiful view of our local park and the sun always shines in the right place. I love having picnics there with my friends.


There are only a few things better in this life than planting bulbs in the cold months to watch them rise out of the ground in the warmer months, it has taught me that instant gratification isn't everything in the modern world.

things I like