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Bristol wedding photography with heart, soul & a dash of sass

things I love

relaxed family photograph of three adult siblings in their garden in Bristol.
relaxed family portrait from a birthday party in Bristol

Papa Nige 

my 'little' brothers

My Dad is an epic dad dancer, an absolute ray of sunshine and all round charmer. He once went to a party just for people named Nigel and there were over 400 of them. He's got the badge to prove it. 

My middle brother is the reason I hate people wearing sunglasses in photos and my little brother is the only reason I have some good songs on my spotify.

a socially distanced birthday party, grandma wears a protective suit and party had. It's a funny, relaxed family photograph.

My quarantine Queen;


Nanny only drinks hot water or red wine. She has retired 4 times but continues to work and she will do until she is at least 99. I laugh with her like I laugh with my best friends. She gives the best advice and I love it when she says 'shit' she always says it with absolute intent. 


Ask me more about it when we talk. 

Bristol garden in the summer.jpg

my paradise

  • I love my national trust membership. 

  • I'm a proud Aunty to two puppies

  • muddy puddles make me regress into a toddler

  • I love swimming; in the sea, in rivers, fjords, swimming pools.

  • I love all things brunch.

  • I love coffee in bed in the morning. 

  • I love lazy sunday's.

  • Did I mention how much I love grey's anatomy? or How obsessed I am with Shonda Rimes.

More fun facts

There is nothing more important to me than my family and my friends. 

Luckily, they know how important my job as family photographer is; so I have lots of photographs of them.


Everything I do, I do for her and my new life without her. My Mumma. She was my biggest inspiration and driving force. I am striving for a world where everyone owns photographs of their loved ones that perfectly reflect them, because I am lucky enough to have just that. 

Wendy Harris, 1964 - 2017


Light of my life, my baby boy; Walter Bruno 


the useful boyfriend

We met at our mutual friends Bristol wedding.

I was a "guestographer" because I was still on crutches from a stupid moped accident whilst on holiday in Vietnam..Luckily, there was only one sober guest, so I trusted her to capture the dance floor ...Risky, but so worth it. I was too intoxicated by this point and too enraptured by Steve's amazing Dad dancing...

a candid photograph of a couple on the dancefloor at a wedding in Somerset.

pizza, I really love pizza

a wedding photographers favourite food, it is pizza.

If you're thinking of suggesting we meet over a pint & a pizza to talk about your wedding and your photography... you should already know you're my favourite client

Did you know, that pineapples grow from bushes?

pink pineapples form a colourful bouquet
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