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Couples or engagement photo sessions


I like to work with you on choosing a place that holds some importance to you as a couple such as where you first met, got engaged or enjoy going to spend time together. I mostly let you be to naturally interact with each other with a few cheeky prompts here and there to get you more comfortable with me.


It's a great excuse to take the mick out of your partner to get you both giggling and you may even see me rolling around in the grass on occasion. But mostly, it's about having fun together and enjoying some time to de stress during your wedding planning journey. 

I also believe engagement shoots are a vital part of your wedding journey and with this, I like to offer a reduced price of £175 for those that book an engagement session alongside their wedding day package.

I'm soppy, I'm romantic and I think we should document our lives at every opportunity possible. I love casual couple photo sessions or I love marking that excitement of your engagement with photography. Creating a lasting memory for you and your families to look back on and remember that excitement of being newly engaged.

Couples sessions are £175 and last between 40mins - 1hour. you'll receive a super easy to use online gallery with around 30 images.  

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