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Family Friendly Photographer 


Portrait Sessions

I began my career as a portrait photographer, making people feel good with portrait photography. It is such a great feeling to have someone walk away feeling more confident, more energised and more ready to take on the world. 

 I love undoing all the damage that the media does, through the art and my passion of photography. 



Confidence boosting through

playful photography 

Portrait sessions are perfect for confidence boosting, they are an empowering act of self care. I am passionate about making others feel good about themselves through creative, fun photography. We create memories not just photographs together. 


Portrait sessions can also be used for personal branding. Small businesses who realise they need to show the face behind the business more or need more content for their social media. Personal branding photography is perfect for showing off your authentic self in order to promote your business. 

Portrait sessions can also be bought as gift vouchers, photography always make great birthday gifts for your friends and they're a great gift for yourself, especially if you're looking for a way to build up your self confidence.

I pride myself in making people feel comfortable in front of the camera and will give you the time, patience and care that you need to enable you to feel your best self. 

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