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Fun Wedding Photography for the people that love tequila and sunshine. 

Hi there, I'm Ruby

I am a Wedding Photographer based in Bristol, UK. I photograph weddings in a fun, relaxed, way. I concentrate on photographing your family and friends so that you can always remember who was there and how they felt to be there on your wedding day. I want you to have beautiful, colourful, fun photographs of your wedding. 


I photograph fun relaxed weddings in Bristol, Bath, Somerset, Cotswolds and all over the UK and abroad. I will travel any where for a wedding as long as you promise me nothing but good fun and a ton of laughter. 


My wedding photography is fun, creative and playful yet emotive and entirely honest and always relaxed.


People often ask me what my why is? Why am I a wedding photographer? I am a wedding photographer because when memories are all you have left,  photographs are the only thing left to help you tell the rest of the story. They are your legacy and I want to be there for it. 



I am quite literally and proudly OBSESSED with Grey's Anatomy, it is my very own version of therapy and if you know who Calli is, you know me already!

Every photograph I take is influenced by the life I've chosen to lead; the time I spend with my family, the many wonderful people I have in my life, all of the hours I spend outside in my garden learning that instant gratification isn't everything, the lectures I listened to at university, the countries I've travelled to, the TV series I've binged watched and rewatched, the films I've seen, the books I've read and the museums I've visited...

"Fabulous daaahling, my dear you are a dream.I love the fact that you captured everyone and you did so in such an enchanting way." Jaqs & David 

All of this shapes the work I make. You will shape the work that I make for you. I will do everything I can from the moment you book me to ensure I know as much about you both as possible so that I can create photographs that are unique and authentic to you.

"Honestly, our day wouldn't have been the same without you. Our friends are all in love with you" The Trigg's

I promise to be more than just your photographer when you hire me, I promise to fit into your day like I am one of your oldest friends...


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