Family Photo Session

Family  Photography

My family photography sessions begin at home and always end in the great outdoors, whatever the weather! As long as we're both prepared, we can still take beautiful photographs. They're fun, relaxed and mostly lead by you with just enough direction from me to capture your family in the best way.

My packages start from £75 and all include prints, because these photographs are your legacy and a tangible product is much more likely to be kept and remembered.  

I like to think I do my family photography a little differently. I believe Family Photography isn't just for the little ones. I do love their squidgy cheeks and hilarious one liners but photography is used to document and we should document every stage of our family life. 


I make a conscious effort to make every member of the family exist in photographs. So parents, don't think you can hide from the camera with me. 

 I get it, kids grow up too quickly, they change every single day, there are so many little things that we are desperate to capture, but us bigger human beans do too, just in less obvious ways. 

I believe it's important to exist in photographs at every stage of your life. I want to more family photographs being printed, more photos existing of families with their adult children.. I understand why less of these photos exist. We get hang ups about ourselves and we forget to love ourselves. 


Let me use photography and the experience of a photo session with me to help you on your journey to loving yourself again. The fact that the photographs exist is far more important than how you look, but obviously I'll use my skill to make you look as fabulous as possible. 



Fun, Honest & relaxed 

My family is my whole world, we spend a lot of time together and naturally, I take photographs of every moment...Storing them up to use them to be used for soppy posts on facebook, embarrassing birthday cards and to remind them of that one bad outfit that I will never let them forget. I've got photographs of my Dad returning from one of his many adventures, sometimes looking skinny as a rake from walking, other times he's stuffed himself full of those little Portuguese custard tarts. I have photographs of my Nanny laughing hysterically with chicken juice all around her mouth. These aren't beautiful moments but they're memories captured in a solid state for me to cherish forever. It's my mission to make sure everyone else has their family documented exactly as they are. Their personalities shining through.

"Families are like branches on a tree, we grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one."

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